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Status: Open; if you've got patience.

I apologise for deleting my list once again. I am only taking commissions and the rare trade right now. I am in the process of acquiring a set of Prismacolors and am working on an Etsy shop. I do point Commissions and Paypal.

Pricing Information can be found Here: darkalchemistninja.deviantart.…

Current List:






Memoirs Of Eviathon

Come follow me and Lady-Ra as we create our manga!

Script by:
Art by: Lady-Ra

deviantART Page: MemoirsOfEviathon

Livestream Channel:…
Streaming Status: Not Streaming

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Hey thar! I thought I'd say thanks! :3 ..... and HI!!!!!!! ;3
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can I join your chatroom? :)
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hey um do you think i could join ur chat room plz
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Ok for the new year, i want to do three photoshoots. out of the 10 choices below, i will do shoots of the three most popular choices. 

5 deviants said (SnK) Levi Ackerman (have casual outfits)
4 deviants said (Durarara!!) Shinra Kishitani
4 deviants said (Kuroshitsuji) Alan Humphries
3 deviants said (Naruto) Akatsuki Deidara
2 deviants said (Final Fantasy VII/AC) Reno
2 deviants said (InuYasha) Young Lord Naraku
2 deviants said (Rise Of The Guardians) Jack Frost (need correct staff, otherwise complete)
2 deviants said (Soul Eater) Spirit Albarn
2 deviants said (Bleach- Espada) Luppi Antenor
No deviants said (Ouran High School Host Club) Umehito Nekozawa; School uniform

DAN's ultimate cosplay list

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 11, 2015, 2:55 PM

Other Contact Info

|| My Professional Website || My Personal RP Website ||
||My Youtube Channel || My Facebook || My Personal Tumblr Page || My Ask Levi Akerman (SNK) Tumblr Page || My Free! Ask (Nitori, Nagisa and Momo) Tumblr Page ||
|| My Twitter || My Skype is: DarkAlchemistNinja ||

Please let me know if you add me or join anything. My RP site requires a 'password'.

Ok so this list is to show what i'm up to, cosplay wise.
the works in progress; i hope to finish at least half of them this year (tbh some won't be that hard to complete since i'm just missing a very few things or like, one thing needs to be fixed or something)

Finished/Current Cosplays:

(Bleach - Soul Reaper) Captain Jyuushiro Ukitake
(Bleach- Espada) Wonderweiss Margera
(Bleach- Espada) Luppi Antenor
(Bleach; Fullbring Arc) Yukio Hans Vorarlberna
(Death Note) Mello/Mihael Kheel; feathered jacket, optional burn scars
(Durarara!!) Shinra Kishitani
(Final Fantasy VII/AC) Reno
(InuYasha) Young Lord Naraku
(Kuroshitsuji) Alan Humphries
(Naruto) Shippuuden Curse Seal Sasuke Uchiha with Sharingan (working on other outfits as well)
(Rise Of The Guardians) Jack Frost (need correct staff, otherwise complete)
(Ouran High School Host Club) Umehito Nekozawa; School uniform
(Penny Dreadful) Dorian Gray
(Soul Eater) Spirit Albarn
(Supernatural) Castiel

Works In Progress:

In order of how i will be working on them this year

(SnK) Levi Ackerman: 20% finished (have makeshift outfit atm)
(Kuroshitsuji) Sebastian Michaelis: 10% finished
(ANIMORPHS) Half-Morphed Tobias: 20% finished
(Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) Aiichirou Nitori: 5% finished (workout outfit)
(Naruto) Akatsuki Deidara with working scope: 80% finished
(Durarara!!) Izaya Orihara; normal, sleepytime, ukezaya: 90% finished
(Ouran High School Host Club) Hikaru Hitachiin: 95% finished
(Yu-Gi-Oh!) Bakura Ryou
(Yu Yu Hakusho) Kuronue

Finished/On Hiatus/Seasonal:

(Axis Powers Hetalia) Germany (hiatus)
(Axis Powers Hetalia) Switzerland  (hiatus)
(Final Fantasy VIIAC) Hojo (Halloween)
(Fullmetal Alchemist) Dark Edward Elric (hiatus)
(Fullmetal Alchemist) Edward Elric (hiatus/wip)
(How To Train Your Dragon) Toothless: 5% finished (concept designing now) (hiatus)
(Ouran High School Host Club) Hikaru Hitachiin; summer outfit (Summer/Hiatus)
(Original Character)Prince Eviathon: Need wig (hiatus)
(Yu Yu Hakusho) Hiei Jaganshi jacketless (Hiatus)
(Yu Yu Hakusho) Hiei Jaganshi jacketless; Demon form (Hiatus)

Finished/Retired/Semi-Retired Cosplays:

(Axis Powers' Hetalia) Poland (Retired)
(Bleach- Soul Reaper) Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya (retired/shared)
(Death Note) L Lawliet (retired)
(Death Note) Near/Nate River (retired)
(Death Note) Beyond Birthday (retired)
(Doctor Who) 11th Doctor (semi-retired)
(Final Fantasy VII) Rufus Shinra  (Semi-retired/shared)
(Tortall Series by Tamora Pierce) Prince Jonathan (semi-retired)
(Naruto) Shippuuden Neji Hyuuga with Byakugan (Retired/Sharing)
(Naruto) Itachi Uchiha (Retired)
(Ouran High School Host Club) Tamaki Suoh; school uniform (retired)
(Original Character-Naruto) Kitsune Uchiha (Retired)
(Spirited Away) Kohaku River (retired/selling)

Future/Wishlist Cosplays:

(.Hack//G.U. vol3)Xth Form Haseo
(.Hack//G.U.) Azure Flame Kite
(Axis Powers' Hetalia) Russia
(Axis Powers' Hetalia) France
(Bleach- Soul Reaper) Gin Ichimaru (Captain/Hueco Mundo)
(Chobits) Minoru Kokubunji
(Cowboy Bebop) Grencia Mars Elijah Guo Eckener
(Death Note) Gevanni
(Death Note) Teru Mikami
(Doctor Who) 10 Regen
(Emperors New Groove) Kuzco
(Fire Emblem: Awakening) Henry
(Fire Emblem: Awakening) Ricken
(Fire Emblem: Awakeing) Inigo
(Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) Haruka Nanase(three outfits)
(Free! Iwatobi Swim Club) Nagisa Hazuki(three outfits)
(Flame Of Recca) Tokiya Mikigami
(Fullmetal Alchemist Crack) France!Edward
(Fullmetal Alchemist) Russell Tringham
(Final Fantasy) Advent Children Cloud Strife
(Final Fantasy) Angel Cloud Strife (AC outfit
(Final Fantasy) Chaos Cloud Strife (AC outfit
(Final Fantasy VII: AC)Yazoo:
(Final Fantasy VII/Dirge Of Cerberus) Turk Vincent Valentine
(Final Fantasy VII) Tseng
(Golden Sun) Alex
(Howl's Moving Castle) Howl
(InuYasha) Byakuya
(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) Undertaker
(Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler) Grell Slutcliff
(Kingdom Hearts) Riku
(Kingdom Hearts) Organization XIII Zexion
(Kekkaishi) Yoshimori
(Naruto) Kimimaro
(Original Character) Prince Jamison Doricarsa Shiiataru
(Pokemon)Gallade (mega)
(Pokemon) N
(Princess Mononoke) Prince Ashitaka
(Qwan) Qwan
(SnK) Armin Arlert
(Samurai 7) Katsushiro
(Samurai 7) Heihachi Hayashida
(s-CRY-ed)Asuka Tachibana
(s-CRY-ed)Ryuhou Tairen
(Sailor Moon)Tuxedo Mask
(Soul Eater) Death The Kidd
(Yu Yu Hakusho) Demon Lord Suzaku
(Zelda) Link
(Zelda) Tael

Journal Design by SkadiWu

PS Brushes: wyckedBrush Darkresources JamesRushforth
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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I'm known widely as DAN; and I tend to use the username DarkAlchemistNinja or TheSharinganSannin for pretty much everything. I am a professional Voice Actor/VoA. Its easiest to find me here on DA in any of the chats I run or am a part of. My bot in the chats is Nejiro and I do a lot of cosplaying. I love doing commissions and i have two cats; Ya'Su and Casper. I'm in a relationship with Lady-Ra and I luff her! I'm guilty of being a massive Liam O'Brien fanboy, and I also enjoy the acting talents of many other VA's and a few more visual actors; namely Reeve Carney, David Tennant, Misha Collins, Jensen Ackles, Jared Paladeki and Johnny Depp. I have a Facebook account and Skype, and I am a Female to Male Transgender.


DarkAlchemistNinja has started a donation pool!
137 / 700
Since I have no paypal and such, and no one seems to be biting on my regular commissions... I'm opening points commissions. Regular commissions are still open. Note me if you want something; things i do and don't do and what's open or not open are listed below:


Point Commission Price Info can be found here:

any questions, feel free to note me.

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hn. . .its fantastic so far, you could always go off on a tangent about how things are different for Angelus because of the problem tha...

Kurama Mourning by Lady-Ra
by Lady-Ra

Looks fantastic, just one real bad thing to say about it: when putting the white streak in the hair, you need to color burn it so it lo...

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